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April International Night Tickets

Host: Westin Hotel/River Rock Kitchen

When: April 28, 2019. Doors open at 5pm

Where: Francis X. Norton Center, 917 N. Madison St.

Make Reservations

Please call (302) 652-3228 if reserving less than three weeks ahead of time.


Smoked eel dumplings
Shitake & bacon dashi

Chicken confit congee
Mushroom, fried garlic, sesame, bok choy

Green tea ginger cake


Cost: $25.00 per person at the door, $23.50 in advance, $188 per table of 8 (All group reservations must be paid for in advance.)

Proceeds benefit Emmanuel Dining Room.

Note: Soda is now $1 each and beer/wine is $2 each.


Please call 302-652-3228 to reserve your seat(s).

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