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Support Services

Distribution Center

1410 North Claymont Street, Wilmington, DE 19802-5227
Founded: 1989

The Distribution Center is a collection, storage and distribution point for donated clothing, furniture and household items that are given at no cost to anyone in need. It operates from a 5,400 square-foot warehouse in thea northeast section of Wilmington.

Many people in transition, including those leaving emergency shelters for more permanent housing, have little or no means to purchase these living essentials.

The Distribution Center collects and gives out clothing, housewares, and furniture at no cost to those in need.

Job Placement Center

1100 Lancaster Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19805-4009 Founded: 1985

The Job Placement Center helps disadvantaged and/or chronically homeless men and women, including the unskilled, to develop employment skills and obtain work. Individuals committed to learning and to maintaining employment in a specific field may enroll in one of the training programs operated by the Job Placement Center, when available. These programs help registrants prepare for work as child care workers, chef’s assistants, certified nursing assistants, maintenance personnel or housekeepers.

The Job Placement Center strives to help individuals develop life skills for employment. To this end, staff focus on providing assistance in job searches, resumé building, completion of employment applications and follow-up. Ongoing case management services also enable the Job Placement Center to help clients retain jobs.


A client receiving assistance writing her résumé at Job Placement Center.

The Pierre Toussaint Dental Office

830 Spruce Street, Wilmington, DE 19801-4200 Founded: 1995

The Pierre Toussaint Dental Office provides basic dental services to residents of all three counties in the State of Delaware. Services include fillings, cleanings, extractions, dentures and partial dentures to uninsured poor patients ages 19 to 64. The dental staff consists of a full-time dentist, a part-time dental hygienist, two full-time dental assistants, a full-time administrator and a part-time volunteer administrator.

The skilled dental staff of the Pierre Toussaint Dental Office provide care for the poor, ages 19 to 64.

Samaritan Outreach

1410 North Claymont Street, Wilmington, DE 19802-5227 Founded: 1995

Samaritan Outreach provides intensive case management and referral services to people who are poor, homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Many live on streets, in parks or in abandoned buildings or cars. Staff reach out also to people recently released from prison or facilities that treat substance abuse and mental health disabilities. Homeless clients also may tend to personal hygiene with shower facilities, clean towels, a change of clothing and toiletries.

Staff at Samaritan Outreach provide case management services that help stabilize the lives of the homeless with referrals to mental health treatment, rehabilitation and supportive services. They also distribute food boxes to the poor. Among the 4,200 clients who visit this facility each year, many receive guidance and support in entering shelters or residential rehabilitation programs, securing legal aid, enrolling in job placement programs or in obtaining benefits or medical treatment from government and private agencies. Such referrals may help the poor to secure jobs, housing and assistance for paying utilities and rent.


Mary Kay, a longtime Samaritan Outreach client, tries on a pair of jeans.

St. Clare Medical Outreach

St. Francis Hospital

701 North Clayton Street, Wilmington, DE 19805 Founded: 1992

A cooperative project between St. Francis Hospital and the Ministry of Caring, St. Clare Medical Outreach brings basic medical care to the uninsured. St. Francis Hospital provides a full-time physician, a registered nurse, a bilingual medical assistant and a driver for the 34-1/2- foot custom van that travels to the poor at Ministry of Caring sites and in other neighborhoods in Wilmington, Delaware. Two examination rooms are available for walk-in services. Referrals are made as needed to various volunteer doctors of specialized medicine. When patients are referred to St. Francis Hospital in Wilmington, the hospital incurs the expense of any ensuing diagnostic tests and hospitalizations.

This 34 ½ foot custom medical care van travels to the poor at Ministry of Caring sites and in other neighborhoods in Wilmington, Delaware.

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