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Ministry of Caring Books

40 Years of Hope & Charity by robin brown

This coffee table book makes the perfect gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, or any occasion.

Go behind the scenes with the Ministry of Caring and Brother Ronald in this celebration of 40 years of MOC history by Wilmington journalist robin brown.

Books are $30 per copy for pick-up at the Ministry of Caring / $35 per copy with postal delivery to your home or business.

To order the book, call 302-652-5523 or click here.

One hundred percent of book proceeds benefit Ministry of Caring programs, thanks to a generous underwriter. Thank you!

Of Hope & Charity by Cari DeSantis

The 22-year history of the Ministry of Caring is the story of a community that banded together to lift their homeless and disenfranchised neighbors out of the depths of poverty and set them on the path to self-sufficiency and independence. It is truly a story of hope and charity.

Written in 1999, this book is no longer in print but is available on To order click here.

Cover of 40 Years of Hope & Charity depicting bread being passed from one person to another

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