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Donating Items

New and Lightly Used Clothing

Your tax-deductible gift of new or lightly used clothing for the poor is always appreciated. So are new toilet articles and other household items and furniture in good condition. The Distribution Center provides these items to the poor five days a week.

Location: 1410 North Claymont St., Wilmington, DE, 19802-5227

Donation Drop Off Hours Monday-Friday, 8AM – 3PM

Phone: (302) 652-0969

The Distribution Center welcomes the poor who need clothing and other household items, free of charge.

Wish Lists

Now and then, our program directors look for a benefactor to help finance an item or service for which there is a special need. Each of these items will directly help the poor. If you would like to contribute a portion or the complete cost of any of the following items, please get in touch with the contact person listed.

Many thanks for your generosity.

Click each category below to see full wish lists.

  • Children


    • People and organizations to “Adopt-A-Child” at Christmas
    • Diapers/wipes
    • Socks for infants and children
    • Infant formula (Similac Advance)
    • Pacifiers
    • Baby Bottles
    • Infant Tylenol
    • Children’s Advil or Motrin
    • Thermometers


    Paulette Annane, Director Child Care Phone – 302-652-8992 Email Paulette


    • Winter coats, mittens, gloves and hats for ages 2-6
    • Child-size utensils (forks and spoons)
    • Art supplies (construction paper, glue sticks & bottles, paint brushes, tempura paint, finger paints, easel paper)
    • Dolls & stuffed toys (no glass eyes!)
    • Dress-up/fantasy clothing (ties, men’s shirts & shoes, costumes, and masks)


    Janet Chandler, Site Manager Guardian Angel Child Care Phone – 302-428-3620 E-mail Janet

  • Shelters


    • Towels and washcloths (always needed!) $10
    • Twin bed sheets, Bunk bed sheets, Pillows $10
    • White pillow cases (standard size)
    • Clothes baskets
    • Hand towels
    • Coffee Maker
    • Gift cards (e.g., Walmart, Target, ShopRite, Acme)
    • Deodorant (men and women) $5
    • Dart bus passes (to get to job interviews) $9.60-$65
    • Winter coats, hats and gloves for men, women and children
    • Shaving cream and disposable razors for men and women


    Anne Mountain, Director Mary Mother of Hope House I Phone: 302-652-8532 Email Anne


    • Women’s unused clothing (large and petite small)
    • Games (Dominoes, Tri-ominos, etc. )
    • Small gifts for ‘prizes’ for men and women (candy, toiletries, lotions, jewelry, hand towels, winter hats, socks & gloves, etc.)
    • Socks for men, women, and children


    Sr. Christa Rowe, Program Director House of Joseph II Phone: 302-420-4249 Email Sr. Christa

  • Permanent Residences


    • Twin Bed-in-a-Bag sets (solid colors)
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Twin Blankets


    Anne Mountain, Director Bethany House Phone: 302-652-8532 Email Anne

  • Emmanuel Dining Room


    • Ground Coffee (large size)
    • Large aprons with pockets
    • Forks and soup spoons
    • Gas gift cards (for volunteers who drive to pick up day-old bread, cakes, pies, etc., from stores and bakeries)
    • Family-sized containers of vegetables, stew, pasta, spaghetti sauce, fruit, cereal, and beans
    • Large sizes– stuffing, instant mashed potatoes, canned yams, canned vegetables, and canned fruit (especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners)


    ReeNee LaFate, Interim Program Director Phone: 302-652-3228 Email ReeNee

  • Samaritan Outreach


    • Soap
    • Shampoo & Conditioner
    • Toothpaste & Toothbrushes
    • Deodorant
    • Men’s jeans and underclothing
    • One rug 35 x 22 $37
    • One rug 35 x 140 $196
    • Two rugs 32 x 39 $56.85/ea
    • Whirlpool upright freezer 24.7 ft.3 – Model EVZ50NXT $729
    • Hoover upright vacuum cleaner $215
    • Two lumbar support chairs $499


    Louisa Teoli Phone: 302-652-5523 Email Louisa

  • Sacred Heart Village


    • Small gifts for ‘prizes’ for men and women (candy, toiletries, lotions, jewelry, hand towels, winter hats, socks & gloves, etc.) $4-5


    Sr. Pat Kerezsi, OSF, Manager
    Phone: 302-654-5407 x2
    Email Sr. Pat

Ministry Affiliated Agencies

Your generous donation will also be distributed at the following Ministry-affiliated agencies:

Sacred Heart Village I & II

Affordable housing for very low-income seniors

Mother Teresa House

Affordable housing for people living with HIV/AIDS

If you would like further information about giving to the Ministry of Caring, please call 302-428-3702 or send an email to the Development Office.

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