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Board of Directors

The Hon. James M. Baker

Mark L. Reardon, Esq.

The Hon. Kent A. Jordan

Arthur G. Connolly III, Esq.,
Legal Counsel

Members at Large

  • William LaFond
  • Anthony Alfieri, CPA
  • Barbra Andrisani
  • David Hack, M.D.
  • Mark Calandra
  • Garrett Lyons DDS
  • The Hon. Robert Gilligan
  • The Hon. Ted Kaufman
  • Paul C. King, Jr., Ed.D.
  • Kimberlee Orth
  • Constance McCarthy
  • Frank Modesto
  • Marilyn Monahan
  • Valerie Biden Owens
  • Br. Rudolph Pieretti, OFM Cap.
  • Maureen Rhodes
  • Tara Quinn
  • Michael Rickert
  • John Sullivan
  • John Sweeney
  • Gregory Varallo, Esq.,
  • Alonzo Wells

Honorary Board Members

  • Bernadette D. Buccini
  • Julie P. Cawley (deceased, June 2020)
  • The Hon. Louis Freeh
  • Jack Krol
  • Carmela Randall
  • Gordon B. Sanders


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