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International Nights

Benefits Emmanuel Dining Room

Each month, from January through October, the Emmanuel Dining Room hosts a lively gathering of guests who come as much for the easy camaraderie as for the delights inspired by the fare of selected foreign countries. All proceeds help the Emmanuel Dining Room feed those in need every day. Without the support of the community and programs such as this we would not be able to help those that enter our doors every day.

Francis X. Norton Center
917 North Madison Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

Cost: $25 per person at the door, $23.50 in advance/$188 per table for 8
(All group reservations must be paid for in advance.)

Drinks are available to buy: soda $1 each, with beer and wine at $2 each.

Due to the pandemic, most of our International Nights are cancelled. 

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