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It Takes a Team

The Ministry of Caring is a vibrant community of staff, volunteers, donors and diverse supporters united by a passion to serve the poor. Together, we gladly give of ourselves to fulfill the vision of our founder and executive director, Brother Ronald Giannone, OFM Cap., “the poor should never be treated poorly.”

We live this vision in myriad ways. Through the nutritious meals for the hungry at Emmanuel Dining Room. Through the cheerful rooms for residents of our shelters, transitional residences and long-term housing. Through the helping hands we lend to the jobless. Through the child care and education for offspring of the poor and homeless. And through our outreach services to anyone in need.

We listen unceasingly for new struggles of the poor and creative ways to address these struggles. We seek gaps in services for the poor and fill them.

We live in hope for the day when we will have eradicated the shame of poverty in Wilmington. Then, we will have attained our ultimate aspiration: to go out of business.

The Ministry of Caring is a 501(c)(3) organization (tax exemption #928;
EIN 51-0209843). The organization exists for the sole purpose of providing for the needs of the poor through its various programs.

Please join us in accepting this challenge.

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